Cascade Adventures Help
How do I ...
  • sign up for a trip?
  • cancel a trip sign up?
  • get my password emailed to me?
  • contact Steve Dougherty?
  • post a trip comment?
  • send "group emails" to the members of a trip?
  • Communication is key to organizing a successful trip. There are so many details to keep track of.  Most of the important information you will need is included in the trip description.  To facilitate fast and easy communication between group members, the trip roster page has links that will allow you to send individual or "group emails" to trip participants.  Phone numbers are also listed for your convenience.  Please feel free to utilize this feature for borrowing gear or organizing transportation.  I will use the group email feature to keep group members up to date on what the weather is doing and to communicate additional information not included in the trip description.  The "group email" links are located at the top of the Trip Roster page.