Itinerary -- Mar 1, 2014 -- Ray Benson XC Ski Tour, South Loop

Leader:  Steve Dougherty 503-566-8899
Assistant:  Mark Olson 503-835-4001

Sat. 3/1
8:00 AM - Meet at State Motor Pool Park and Ride.
9:00 AM - Regroup at Mountain High Grocery in Detroit (coffee, snacks, rest room).
9:15 AM - Depart Mountain High Grocery.
10:30 AM - Arrive at Ray Benson Snow Park (Santiam Pass).
10:55 AM - Meet in meadow for group picture.
11:00 AM - South Loop Ski Tour (7 miles) -- From Ray Benson Snow Park we will proceed south on the "South Loop Ski Trail" approximately 3.5 miles to Brandenburg Shelter.
12:30 PM - Eat lunch at Brandenburg Shelter.
1:00 PM - Continue our counter-clockwise direction around the loop. At the Circle Lake trail intersection we will head west one mile and retrace our first mile back to the parking lot.
2:30 PM - Arrive at Ray Benson Snow Park.
3:00 PM - Leave Ray Benson Snow Park.
5:30 PM - Arrive at State Motor Pool Park and Ride.

1. In case of accident, illness or other incapacity, the participant must pay for his/her own medical/evacuation expense, whether or not authorized by him/her.
2. Pets, firearms, radios (two-way radios are OK), and alcoholic beverages are not permitted on trips.