Carpool Instructions

The carpool feature allows trip participants to volunteer their cars and select passengers to carpool with. If you would rather ride with someone else and pay the recommended nine cents a mile, then contact a driver who has volunteered a car and request a seat.

How to Volunteer Your Car

  1. Login to the trip sign-up page by clicking here.
  2. Click on the "Volunteer" button for the trip you wish to volunteer your car.
  3. Enter a description of your car including its capacity and a mobile phone number if available, then click the "Add" button.
  4. The capacity should communicate not how many seats are in the car but how many riders you are willing to transport. If you will be traveling alone, then enter a capacity of one.
  5. If your start or return time/location will differ from the planned itinerary, then you should communicate that in the vehicle description as well.
How to Add/Remove Riders
  1. Once you have volunteered a car, you can login using the trip sign-up page by clicking here. Now the "Volunteer" button is replaced with a "Manage" button. Click on this button to manage your carpool.
  2. You can select the passengers who you have agreed to transport. Just select a participant from the "Need Ride" list and click the corresponding arrow button. You can remove participants in the same manner.
  3. You should not add participants who have not requested to carpool with you.
  4. If you must cancel your carpool, please remove the riders from your car and contact them so that they can make other arrangements.
How to Request a Ride
  1. Just contact any driver who has space available. The driver is the only one who can add you to his or her list of passengers.
  2. If you must cancel your participation, please contact the driver and inform him or her that you will not be riding, so the driver can remove you from the list of passengers.