Feb 21-25, 2018 -- Route Finding School

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Leaders and Paid Students
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School Coordinator
Steve Dougherty 503-566-8899 steve2756@gmail.com
Jeff Howell 503-999-4809 JeffreyJHowell@gmail.com
Mark Olson 503-835-4001 mark.olson06@gmail.com
Frosty Gill 503-551-2625 forrestcgill@gmail.com
Milan Apeltauer Private hyside14sb@yahoo.com
Shonee Langford Private langfordfam@hotmail.com
Michael DeLaune 503-378-1456 michaeldel_jk@comcast.net
Paid Students
1. Rhonda Tanner 5034099833 Ziaria@gmail.com
2. Sarah Kyllo 701-200-2725 sarahkyllo@hotmail.com
Unpaid Students
Greg Skaer 5419362499 gregory.skaer@ofd.com
John Balling 5035667429 john.balling@gmail.com
Kris Salchenberg 503-585-3963 mom2bal@comcast.net
Jordan McConnell 503-347-9899 jordanmcconnell@comcast.net