Garmin Rino Training

-- Set Up in Circle Formation--
-1- Stand in a circle formation with instructor in center.
-1- Assign each participant a name: Rino1,Rino2, etc.
-2- Set radio frequency to Channel 10/squelch code 0.
-3- Bearing to magnetic north.
-4- Zoom setting.

-- Peer-to-Peer Positioning - New Contacts--
-1- The instructor transmits on his radio and participants accept
the "New Contact" by highlighting OK and pressing the thumb stick in.
-2- Ask a participant to transmit on his radio; everyone else accepts
the "New Contact" by highlighting OK and pressing the thumb stick in.
-3- Repeat until all participants have transmitted their location.

-- Peer-to-Peer Positioning - Find a Contact--
-1- Scramble the participants in the circle.
-2- Ask participants to take 20 giant steps backwards.
-3- Participants push their "Call" button when the instructor points at them.
-4- Instructor asks participants to "Find" a specific "contact".
-5- Participants hold in the thumb stick-->click "Find"-->click "Contact"-->select the contact.
-6- Participants dial in the magnetic bearing of the contact and point
their fingers at the Contact.
-7- Repeat steps 4-5-6 at least three more times.

-- Send a Location --
-1- Ask each participant to move away from the circle and mark the location
of an object in the park and name in "Rino1wp".
-2- Return to circle formation.
-3- Ask a participant to send this waypoint to the group.
- Press the thumb stick until the shortcut menu appears.
- Select Find.
- Select the waypoint to view the waypoint's information page.
- From the option menu, select "Send Location" and press the thumb stick.
-4- All participants save the new waypoint.
-5- Participants are now asked to "Find" the new waypoint;
dial in the magnetic bearing on their compass and walk
the specified distance to the waypoint.
-6- Repeat 3-4-5 at least three more times.